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Inaugurated in 2004, the Melbourne Design Market was an instant hit and is now a much-loved program for designers and design-savvy audiences.

It is defined by the quality of products on offer with stringent criteria applied to the selection of the 50 stall holders for each event. With such diversity and quality, the Melbourne Design Market unsurprisingly attracts thousands of people each time it’s held.

The Melbourne Design Market is the occasion to launch new products onto the market, to meet the designers who created these products and to come together in one place buy and sell, share and learn, build relationships and careers, all within an informal, fun, market setting.  

Staged mid year and November, the market’s home is the atmospheric carpark of Melbourne’s Federation Square.  For first-timers, discovering the buzz of activity in this subterranean venue is a complete surprise. It’s filled with hundreds of great designs from furniture, fashion, jewellery and homewares, together with fine coffee, food, music and a capacity crowd of design devotees.

The Melbourne Design Market continues to surprise. In fact, having inspired a plethora of design markets around the country, it’s still the one to watch as it sources new and fascinating products from all disciplines of design.

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When and where is the Melbourne Design Market held?

The Melbourne Design Market is held twice per year, mid year and November, always on a Sunday, from 10am – 5pm at Federation Square undercover carpark.

What can I sell at the Melbourne Design Market?

Consider Melbourne Design Market an open-air extension of your showroom or studio: you may choose to display a selection of goods that you would normally sell, or use this opportunity to launch a new product or service. Items under $100 sell more readily, but this should not exclude larger items being part of the story.

As part of the site online application form we will ask you to describe and attach 1-2 Images(s) of what you plan to sell at the market.

Please note that consumable food and beverages (as listed in the terms and conditions) must not be sold at the market, unless you hold a City of Melbourne food license and are registering yourself as catering trader via the food trader site application form (available on application).

What will be provided for traders?

Two standard trestle tables with quality linen white cloths and stall signage will be provided for each single stall at the Melbourne Design Market. Larger sites are provided with more tables according to their size: 3 tables for intermediate stalls, 4 tables for doubles, 6 tables for super sized stalls. The trestle table sizes:1 x 2.4m and 1 x 1.8m and will always have cloths provided for them unless you indicate otherwise (please note these dimensions as it’s one of the most asked questions in the lead up to the day!). When filling out your application, remember that you get the ‘kit’ as part of your site fee. Should you feel you need extra tables or would like chairs, indicate that and the final total will be calculated accordingly.

Other equipment, such as clothes racks and easels can be ordered through Melbourne Design Market administration: email elizabeth@melbournedesignmarket.com.au to indicate your needs.

Can I park my car there?

Yes. Once you have delivered all the components for your stall you will need to remove your vehicle from the market site into the lower floors of the car park, although there is a grace period of 30 mins for stallholders to remove their cars without charge during bump-in (not bump-out).

Please note that every vehicle that enters the car-park is charged a flat rate of around $10 for the entire day. Vehicles are not permitted within the market site during the market operating hours.

What about the weather?

The show will go on, whatever the weather!

The car park is an enclosed space, providing shelter from rain and wind. Lighting and heating will be provided throughout the market vicinity.

Who can attend the Market?

Melbourne Design Market is a public event, so anyone and everyone can attend free of charge. The venue has wheelchair access.

Can anyone have a trader stall at the Market?

No. Only high quality design products and design-led businesses are permitted. A panel will consider each trader application individually on its merit, selecting those that demonstrate sensitivity to design and the intention to sell goods that are of high quality. Not for profit and other businesses will also be considered for trader sites – these opportunities will be limited. A proportion of stall spaces are reserved for new stallholders each year and the final mix is determined not only by standard:the general mix of types of product on offer is also part of the panel’s decision.

What time should I arrive and pack up?

Bump-in commences at 7:30am and thereafter every fifteen minutes to stagger your arrivals. Between 7:30am and 9:00am traders will have access to the site to drop off any goods to their site. At 9:00am no vehicles will be allowed onsite, and all vehicles must be out of the market area. At 9.30am there will be a Traders’ Safety Briefing in the main entrance – each stall must send at least one representative to this 5 minute briefing. Official trading begins at 10am – all traders must be ready for business before 10am.

Trading must finish at 5pm. Between 5:30-6pm, or at the earliest moment that the site is determined safe for vehicle access, traders will be given vehicle access to the site. Bump-out must be completed by 7.30pm. All traders will be briefed in more detail about the bump-in and out process prior to the event.

How will the public hear about the Market?

Melbourne Design Market will be promoted through a publicity and promotional campaign that may include the likes of The Age, inner city real estate magazines, Vogue Living, radio ‘what’s on’ interviews, a Facebook page, Instagram and other 'What's On' websites, as well as the screen at Federation Square in the lead up to the Market.

If my application is accepted, what type of marketing material should I provide?

A short company background document/biography, product information and prices, and high resolution product images (JPEG format, 300dpi, minimum 10cmx10cm, 2MB max file size) will need to be emailed. Media won't use an image that is too small or too low-res and prefer a white background.

Can I sell by catalogue?

An important objective of the Melbourne Design Market is to make good design visible and accessible to the community. As such, you are welcome to supplement sales with catalogues and by taking orders, but our preference is that you make the most of your stall space by bringing a range of physical products for display and sale.

What about signage?

We will provide external stall signage with the name of each business or designer. There is no need to provide us with files of your logo – they are all produced with the same font. You are welcome, of course, to display your own signage and branding as part of your display.

What if I don’t have credit card facilities available at the Market?

It is a stipulation of the MDM Management that all traders provide purchasers with the option of using not only cash but also credit card/eftpos or cheque. The Market office does not provide eftpos facilities and so traders are required to organize their own merchant facility. If your application is successful and you need to organize one, it should be a priority in your preparations as banks can take some weeks to process your application. Some banks, such as ANZ Fast Pay, offer a phone app.

Can I have more than one stall on the day?

Depending on availability, traders are very welcome to request as many sites as they wish. The Market office will advise you if your application has been successful.

What about staffing?

Each trader is responsible for their own staffing needs.

What about Public Liability Insurance?

Traders must have their own public liability insurance for conducting business outside of normal premises. Melbourne Design Market and its employees must be released from any claims by traders. A scanned copy of your liability insurance must accompany the site application form. Emerging designers without insurance should indicate this on the application form in order to be covered by the MDM insurance policy.

Will there be power?

There is access to power through power onsite. If you require power you must indicate very clearly on the application form exactly what your requirements are. If you notify us after your application has been processed we may not be in a position to assist you with your power requirements, depending on other traders who have already been accommodated. There is a charge of around $50 for access. You will also need to have any items that will be powered tested and tagged - this can be done privately or you can attend the Market Site on the preceeding day to have this done for around $5 per item.

What other facilities will be available?

First aid, OHS, security, stall signage, gas heating, lighting and enquiries handled at the Market office. 

Will there be food and entertainment?


How much space will I have?

Each single site is approximately 2.5x5m. Double sites are double the size and so forth. Depending on the site, there may be an opportunity to hang visual material from overhead beams or walls. Sites are positioned 2.5m across the ‘front’ of the stall, and 5m deep, (just as a carpark space is).

What if I have to cancel my application?

The Market office can only process refunds for traders who notify us in writing at least one month prior to the event. All cancellations post this date will be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Melbourne Design Market administration.

How much does it cost to hold a stall?

Single sites - the size of a carpark space: 2.5m frontage and 5m deep - $600. Intermediate sites - 3.75m frontage and 5m deep -$800. Double sites: 5m frontage and 5m deep, $1000. Super sites - as per arrangement - $1300. All prices include GST. There may be extra charges incurred for power supply, insurance and extra furniture.





After 13 years at Fed Square the market has been the most popular market onsite and the only market to occupy the Car Park space. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to bringing the event to life and providing a platform for designers to showcase their works. I’m sure the community is going to miss being a part of it and patrons will miss picking up some unique items. (Federation Square)


Hi Elizabeth, here’s a big thanks to you! I think we all had a great day yesterday selling our designs, meeting lovely people and making friends! Thanks for making all this possible!


I honestly can say this is by far one of the best market experiences I have had. From the overall organisation, the high level of product and the diversity of customers. Thank you!!!