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It is with a sense of pride and some sadness that we announce that the Melbourne Design Market has now closed. 

Having started Australia's very first design market over a decade ago, we feel it's time to respond to the evolving needs of the design community with new projects. 

Having predicted the need for a new retail model for design businesses, the Melbourne Design Market was the forum for emerging and established businesses to demonstrate their credentials to the marketplace. New products were launched in the most personal way, with the designers present to tell the story to appreciative audiences.

New, long-term relationships were formed, sales and orders soared and before long, a online presence together with participation at the Melbourne Design Market became a winning formula for a viable business. No wonder so many other markets sprang up in our wake, and rightly so. 

We would like to thank you all, designers, guests, suppliers and contractors. We would especially like to acknowledge The Bean Alliance who have spoiled us with their Bean Ground +Drunk organic coffee and support from day one. Thank you to our host, Federation Square, and the many people who have helped us stage the market events every year. 

Most importantly, we have been proud to promote the work of over 400 designer businesses as listed here, and others too from before our files went digital. Thanks and our best wishes to you all.

It was grand.


Elizabeth Collins, Manager

Kathy Demos, Founder


Aacute, AbbySeymour Jewellery, Able and Game, AKA, Alex Noble Designs, All The Kings Men, alpha60, Ambiguous Horse, anamiro, And O Design, andrei davidoff Ceramics, Angus and Celeste, Anon.women, Anrol Designs, Ariella, around, Artisan Books, Assembly Design, Atelier Nomada, Autark, Avargadi, B Goods Label, B. Dakin, Bailey Nelson Eyewear, Bamakko, Basic Shapes, Batch, Beer de Luxe, Belance, Berserk, Best in Park, Bhumi Organic Cotton, Bikerax, Bilingual, Billy van Creamy, Bio-Mex, Black Box Architects, BMW Australia, BODY,  Bok By Narella, boldandstriking, Boobialla nature art, Bornagain Books, Bowled Over Beverages, Bronzen Temple Designs, Buka Projects (SpeakrBox), Burly Fellow, Büro North, byBenSmith, bёuy, Cablestop, Canan, Candy Spender Jewels, Captain Robbo, Casey Freeman Art, Cassia Essentiels, Catherine Casey Footwear, Catherine Pilgrim, Cavaletti, Cecily Clune Melbourne, Chai Addict, Charlie Max, Chijoff+Co, Chimney House Shoes, chocolate brownie, chook leaf, Christopher Boots, Chrysa Koukoura Illustration, cityshrinker, coldsystemclothing, Collective Tee, Colour Hop, Conscient Design, Constance Roe, Cookbook North/South, Crashmat, Cup of Curiosity, CycleStyle, Danish Modern, Days of August, Decollage, Design for Use, Designer Muzik, Dharf, di Lana, Djur, Dorothy & Evelyn, Douglas and Hope, Dumbo Feather, Duvenage, Dylan Brookes, Eat Me Chutneys, Echidna Handmade, Eco Peko, Eco-steps, Electric Firefly Design & Creation, Elenii, elephants&robots, Elk Accessories, Elke Kramer, Ella Sanders, Ellis, ELM Paper, embo and co., Emerald Green Submarine, Emily Snadden Design, Erin Lightfoot, Established Eyewear, Eubi, Eyecatch Studio, fam, Farrah Design, Fat 4, Feliz, fetch imports, fibre red, Fictional Objects, Flexapots, Flowers Vasette, Fold Studio, Fool Clothing, FOUNDRY Typography, Design, & Visual Dialogue, Francisko, frank green, Frankie Jones, Frankie Magazine, Freckly Ollie, FromWoopWoop, Fujinella, Gallery8, Garden Creative, glammliving, Glass No More, glasshaus nursery design florist, Goodship, Graffiterati, Great Dane Furniture, Green Hat Workshop, Gretchen Hillhouse Design, Hamb, HANBi kids, Hank Design, Happy Ears, Harvest Textiles, Haul, Havally, Heavenly Creatures, Heide, Here & Far, Hew Clothing, Hills and West, Hobes, Hoj apparel, Honest Studios, House of Asha Zomer Eyewear, House Shoes, housemouse, Huanchaco, Huon Pine Picnic Planks, i design things, iBark, Image Paperie, Imandeco, Ink and Spindle, inSync design, Invena, Ivy and White, Jess Hynd, Join The Pipe, Julia Denes Jewellery, Julie Cannon Jewellery, justin lamont, Keep Kids Safe, KeepCup, Kids in Berlin, kikki-k, kin clothing studio, Kish & Evie, Klei, Koa by Kaitlin, Kollab, Koncent Melbourne, kunst, Kyoko Designs, Lauren and Angie, Lekker Bikes, Leoni & Vonk, Lightly, Like Butter, Li'l Gas, Limedrop, Linogirl, Little House, Little Red Duck, Little Urban Farmers, locavore, Lola & Bailey, Lott Studio, Louie, Love Hate Australia, Love the Style, Lox + Savvy, Lucious Handmade/Hamilton Taylor Made, Luna Gallery, m2 Products, Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T.), Made in Japan, Maekar, Make Me Iconic, Makedo, Mantel & Church, Manuela Igreja Jewels, mattt, Maude Studio, Mavericks Laces, Maxcreative, me and amber, Melbourne City Mission, memobottle, Merry People Designs, Metta Skincare, Mi Amor Candles, Miinot, miles from, Milia, Milk and Sugar, Milkweed, Millicent & Frank, Millicent Elizabeth, Minnen, Mint and Me, Miranda Dix, MK Nordika, Moodit, Mooku, Moth Design, MR KITLY, Mrs-Mr , Mucke, Murphy & Daughters, Myrtle & Moss, Native Objects, Nest Homewares, ni.ni.creative, Nice Digs, Niche Media, Nonna to Nana, noomi bean bags, Nordic Style, Notemaker, Nudio Studio, Oi Boi, Oishi-M, ok-ok, Olieve & Olie, olioko, Omzii, onepointsix, OnStone, Orbitkey, Otto and Spike, Ozzilla, Paperpoint, Paws & Co, Pepe's Paperie, Peter Mclisky Sculpture, Petite Green, Pigeonhole, Pilcrow & Co., Pillow Poet, Pipduck, pippijoe, Planet Luxe, Plyroom, POL Oxygen, Pomme, Poppies for Grace, Porcelain Bear, Power To Make, printink Studio, Printopia, Project Little Bird, Pugnacious George, Quince, R.G. Madden, Rebecca Roth, Reissued, Re-sawn, Retrobub, RMIT University / Design Institute of Australia, rossmadden, RT Furniture, Ruba Design Melbourne / Natural Wool House, Sa.gome, Safari Living, Saint Gertrude, Samantha Chan, Sandra Bowkett Ceramics, Sands Made, Sarah Cole, Sarah Rothe, Sawdust and Diamonds, Schmucken, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University, Sha-de sun, sheep-ish, Shima Blue Design, Shuky, Shweshwe, Silo, Simply Phoebe, Since Grey, Skimming Stones, Skintrade, Sklep, Smith & Brown Design, Sooma Sleep, Spaced, Space Furniture, Space Tank Studio, Spacebound Co, Spacecraft, Specklefarm, Spread, stick meon & since grey, Sticky Balsamic, Studio Batch, Studio Periscope / Studio Pip and Co, Sunday Ganim, Sunday Morning Designs, Sustainable Stubbies, Sustainable Table, Sweden Interiors, Swinburne University, National Institute of Design, tanner + teague, Tasmania by Hand, Tassel and Twine, Telegram Open House, Tembo Trunks, temono, Texas Johnny, The Bean Alliance, the buddy, The City Tiler, The Curator Company, The Gently Unfurling Sneak, The Handmade Lover, The Make Lab, The Mod Collective, The Pet Grocer, The School of Life, The Social Studio, The Thinktree, The Tin Shed Group, The Wolf and I, The Zipper Tree, thedesignpopup.com, Theo the label, TheSuperCool, Third Drawer Down, This is, thread architecture, Three1Design, Tick Tock Type, Tiffany Treloar, Tonic, Tracy Muirhead Ceramics, Truffaux, Tufts, Two Degrees, Two Layers of Cells, Tyle + Maple, Unforgettable Products, Upswitch, URA, Urban Cartel, UTE Design, van der Glas, Vanessa Lucas, vckw, Victoria Mason Jewellery, Viddia, Vince - design & letterpress, Vincent & Vincent, Vine & Co, Walls That Talk, Warialda Beef, We Are Mother Daughter, Weft Textiles, Wendy Voon, Who Gives A Crap, Wic and Folk, Winslow & Day, Wirely Home, Woodfolk, Woo's Mother Child Home, Wootten, Wunderplant, Yamila Guedez, Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods, yknot? recycled designs, Zaishu, Zakkaya, Zip Zip

It has been a staple of my CBD experience since I began my walks in 2004! and congratulations on all, ALL that you have done, inspired and more in this DESIGN and MARKET space, for our city and our country..I look forward to seeing where you land. (Fiona Sweetman, Hidden Secrets Tours)


I just wanted to say “sorry” and “congratulations”. You’ve (we’ve) been able to contribute to creating something pretty special in a hollow carpark space for many years and as a company we’ve loved it. In my role, I’ve looked forward to thinking through the brands, products and re-designs that we could launch allowing Melbourne’s design-set to give us honest and valuable feedback. I will dearly...


I was an international student doing my master degree in Australia and I was a part-time journalist for a magazine called in China. I found this great event online and contacted Alice Blackwood for more information. She was very nice and provided plenty of materials for my feature stories. Thanks for her help, I finished my interviews with designers via emails and got my stories published.I...


I just read the email about the end of the Melbourne Design Market and I wanted to send a personal thank you for all the good times and memories. I always had a blast and Bailey Nelson would never have had the quick exposure to new customers without the market. Thank you for making it all happen. (J.C. at Bailey Nelson)


I was lucky to participate in a couple of your markets and was looking forward to your future events. You have created such a wonderful space for independent makers and designers to showcase their works and even though there seems to be a market saturation, I can sincerely say your markets stood apart as one of the finest curated designer markets. (Maekar)


Both Lea and I are very disappointed that the MDM has closed, and read your email with a sense of shock. We have truly appreciated the support you have provided us, both having us as a part of the market and letting us know of other events that come by your desk.  As mentioned previously, Lea and I think that you are the best and most professional event manager we have had the pleasure of...


After 13 years at Fed Square the market has been the most popular market onsite and the only market to occupy the Car Park space. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to bringing the event to life and providing a platform for designers to showcase their works. I’m sure the community is going to miss being a part of it and patrons will miss picking up some unique items. (Federation Square)