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The Melbourne Design Market was founded by Kathy Demos in 2004. The first of its kind, it was conceived as a forum for the launch of designs onto the market by bringing together designers and consumers in one place. Not just any place, but one that was easily accessible, informal and fun and from where ideas, feedback and sales would flow. And how right that concept has proven to be.

From the start, the Melbourne Design Market has been highly proactive and responsive to people’s interests and needs.

And that says as much about the people behind the market as the tens of thousands of people who have taken part in each event.

Allow us to introduce:


IS THE MANAGER and at the heart of the Melbourne Design Market.  From its inception, Elizabeth has cared for every person and circumstance associated with the market. She is the reason why everything runs so smoothly and efficiently. The market is the reason she has developed great humour and tact. 

Elizabeth’s commitment was made clear to all when in 2006 and heavily pregnant she attended firstly to all of the preparations and bump-in (sorry!) of the July market and then went quietly home and gave birth to her first child, Erica Bess.  It’s an occasion that we stop to celebrate every year on beautiful Erica’s birthday.




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